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Understanding Grooming Lingo: A Pet Parent's Guide

Hey there, pet parents! Do you often find yourself booking a grooming session for your four-legged friend and wondering what on earth the groomer is saying? Today, we're going to decode the grooming vocabulary to help you better communicate with your groomer and understand the services that are being offered. Let's explore some of the common terms used by pet groomers.


Ever wondered how some pets seem so chill during grooming? It's all about desensitisation. This relaxation technique involves gradually exposing your furry friend to grooming tools and sensations to make them more comfortable over time. It helps make their future grooming sessions much less stressful and more enjoyable.

Sanitary trim

Don't let the term intimidate you – a sanitary trim is like a spa day for your pet's nether regions. Groomers delicately trim excess fur around the private areas to keep things clean and comfortable.


Is your pet rocking some serious bedhead? Dematting might be the solution. Groomers carefully brush out the tangled/matted fur to stop it from pulling on the skin and causing serious discomfort. Having said that, do make sure to book the grooming session as soon as you notice the tangles so that they can still be brushed out safely and painlessly. Otherwise, the groomer may suggest a shave down instead of brushing out, if the fur is tangled excessively.


If your pet leaves a trail of fur wherever they go, undercoat removal a.k.a. deshedding might be the answer. Groomers skillfully remove the loose, fluffy undercoat, reducing shedding and keeping your home a little less furry. It's like a spring cleaning session for your pet's coat.


Yes, your pet can enjoy a pawdicure too! This involves trimming the hair around the paw pads, ensuring a clean and neat appearance. It's not just about aesthetics – a pawdicure also prevents slipping and sliding, especially for our furry friends with fancy foot fur.

Hand stripping

For certain breeds, such as a Westie or a Schnauzer, hand stripping is an art form. Groomers delicately pluck out dead hairs to maintain the natural texture of the coat. It's like sculpting a masterpiece, creating a look that showcases your pet's unique charm.


Feathering is all about adding a touch of elegance. Groomers artfully trim and shape the fur on the legs, tail, and ears, giving your pet that extra flair. It's like the finishing touch that turns your pet into a true style icon.

Express service

Need a speedy grooming session? Express service to the rescue! Check out our Bath & Cuddles package which focuses on essential grooming tasks, such as showering, nail clipping, and ear cleaning, to provide a quick and efficient solution for busy pet parents or pets who prefer shorter sessions.

Nail grinding

Nail grinding or dremeling is the high-tech version of nail trimming. Groomers use a specialised tool (dremel) to smooth and shape your pet's nails with precision. It leaves their paws snag-free and helps protect brittle nails.

Mud bath

The term might be misleading - it is not technically a bath, but it does involve organic mineral mud. It cleanses and nourishes your pet's coat and provides a soothing and therapeutic experience. During the treatment, the mineral mud is generously massaged into the wet fur and then thoroughly rinsed, leaving your pet's coat silky, rejuvenated, and with that delightful post-spa glow.

There you have it! The next time your groomer mentions desensitisation or suggests a pawdicure, you'll be in the know. Happy grooming, and may your pets always look and feel their best!

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