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Is Mobile Grooming Really That Different From A Salon?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

While more and more pet owners swear by mobile grooming services, those who haven’t tried it might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Is it really that different? Is it really worth the price? The point is, it’s not whether it is better - it’s a totally different experience altogether. Here’s why.

It’s convenient

Let’s be honest - neither you, nor your pet really looks forward to the next visit to the grooming salon. The prospect of two trips in a car covered in hair and slobber from an anxious pet is no fun for anyone. With mobile grooming, however, the groomer comes to you. It’s a win-win way to a stress-free day for both you and your furball. Not to mention the time you save with one less errand on your busy schedule.

It’s comforting

A grooming salon is a busy (read: noisy) place. The constant mixture of barking dogs, customer traffic, loud blow dryers and other appliances - all in an unfamiliar setting can take quite a toll on an anxiety-prone pet. Mobile grooming takes all of that out of the equation. Your pet is groomed alone, in a peaceful, quiet environment and with no distractions. Many pet owners also feel more at ease knowing that their pet is just right outside their home the whole time.

It’s faster

Your pet might spend several hours or even the whole day in a grooming salon - mostly waiting in a cage for their turn to be groomed or having their coat dried. With mobile grooming, the process starts right away, and can take on average between 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the breed. That’s great news especially for elderly and anxious furballs.

There are no other pets around

Does your pet get stressed or aggressive with other pets nearby? The one-on-one aspect of mobile grooming solves that issue for you.

There are no cages

Most grooming salons use cages where the pets wait their turn, sometimes for a long period of time. It can be quite an ordeal for some furry customers, especially ones that are elderly or easily frightened. With mobile grooming, the whole session is completed right away, as soon as you hand your furbaby over to the groomer.

There are no cage dryers

Many grooming salons utilise cage dryers for their furry customers, so that they can simultaneously attend to another pet. While there is nothing essentially wrong with cage drying, this method prolongs the grooming time by a lot. Plus, there is a possible risk associated with the fact that a pet is left unattended in a cage with an electric appliance attached to it. Mobile groomers use handheld high velocity dryers instead, which not only significantly speed up the blow-drying process, but also are a great tool for deshedding those double coats!

One-on-one attention

Last but not least, with no distractions typical for a grooming salon, a mobile groomer will be able to pay full attention to your furbaby for the whole duration of the groom, which ensures safe and relaxed environment. And, over time, they’ll be able to create that special bond, which will reduce (or eliminate entirely) the usual stress associated with grooming. Because grooming does not need to be an ordeal - not for your pet, and not for you either!

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